Impulse | Official Trailer

    Too. Many. Streaming. Services. With all these streaming services floating around it reminds me of the bubble that began in the mid-90’s….and it’s subsequent collapse. I suspect a great many of these services are going to go down in flames. But who…who will it be?

    YouTube has a new trailer out for Impulse, which looks like another drama series for its YouTube Red service. Here’s their synopsis:

    “16-year-old Henry Coles is an outsider in her new town of Reston, New York. With a major chip on her shoulder and no friends, she remains withdrawn and isolated, but everything changes when a traumatic encounter with a classmate triggers something deep within Henry— unleashing a power she cannot control.”

    Umm…”Henry”? I hope that’s short for Henrietta. And even if it is…it’s still cringe.

    Let’s get this over with…

    The catalyst of the series…attempted rape. Color me surprised. Here’s what you won’t see…attempted rape by a guy who isn’t white.

    Even if I were subscribed to YouTube Red I wouldn’t go anywhere near this garbage.

    Impulse starring Maddie Hasson, Missi Pyle, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, and Craig Arnold is available on YouTube Red June 6.

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