I-Marcus News Briefs: Will Smith Out As Deadshot, Rambo Gets A Release Date and Game of Thrones Releases Pics

    Will Smith Hangs Up His Deadshot Costume

    Will Smith will not be returning as the character Deadshot in James Gunn’s sequel to Suicide Squad Suicide Squad 2 reports Variety. The reason behind this exit is said to boil down to scheduling conflicts.

    John Rambo Wages War Again In September

    Lionsgate fims has announced the fifth and final chapter in the Rambo series will be hitting theaters on September 20th of this year. Rambo: Last Blood starring Sylvester Stallone and Paz Vega pits the one man army against a brutal cartel after they kidnap the daughter of one of his friends.

    Source Deadline

    Samuel L Jackson Does His Part To Make The Captain Marvel Situation Worse

    A TMZ reporter (obviously looking for a juicy soundbite) baited actor and co-star in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as he entered the Los Angeles International Airport with the statement that “[Trump] says he’s done more for African-Americans than any other president”. Instead of keeping his mouth shut and going about his business the actor opened his fetid maw to utter the staggeringly stupid remark: “Yeah, because he has a bigger plantation.”.

    Because one of the stars of their upcoming movie comparing the President of the United States to a slave plantation owner is just the kind of idiocy Disney and Marvel needs amid the already raging firestorm around that other SJW slug, Brie Larson. One wishes they had the power to transport Mr. Jackson back in time to an actual plantation and let him live it out for a few months, bring him back, and then ask him if he would now like to clarify his spectacularly moronic statement.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The MCU had a good run…it’s all downhill from here on out.

    Source Fox News

    Game of Thrones Releases Character Art…Badly

    HBO has released some pictures of the various characters in the series Game of Thrones sitting on the Iron Throne. I was going to upload them to the site but after looking at how shoddy they were I determined they weren’t worth the bother. If you haven’t seen them and are eager to see a very Photoshoppy cut and paste job trot on over to HBO’s website.

    Curb your expectations.


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