I-Marcus News Briefs: Warrior Gets A Second Season, Swamp Thing Trailer Looks Creepy and James Wan Takes On Salem’s Lot

    Warrior Gets A Second Season

    Cinemax’s Warrior has been renewed for a second season. The show is said to be based off of the writings of Bruce Lee. His daughter, Shannon Lee is one of the executive producers so we can hope that this show doesn’t disrespect his legacy. Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 6) and Jonathan Tropper co-created the series.

    The story takes place during the brutal Tong Wars of San Francisco’s Chinatown and follows Ah Sahm (played by Andrew Koji) a martial arts prodigy (who isn’t, am I right?).

    Well, I happen to have a Cinemax subscription bundled with my Amazon account so I just might give this show a try. I happen to be devout worshiper of the late Bruce Lee and I thought Banshee was damn good television (although season 4 was incredibly weak). So I’ll check it out, who knows I might even write about the darn thing.

    Swamp Thing Trailer Looks Creepy

    DC Universe has released a trailer for their upcoming series Swamp Thing. I recently stated that there was no way in Tartarus I was purchasing another streaming subscription. Will this trailer change my mind? Will it blow my holy socks off and force me to yield yet more sheckles to the great streaming cloud beast in the sky?

    Let’s find out!

    Very creepy!

    But…no. Not creepy enough to make a purchase. Interestingly and potentially problematic, is that to me all the creature visuals before Swamp Thing looked pretty cool. Swamp Thing looked a little lackluster by comparison. Just a first impression but that’s not a good sign. You want your main character to be the beez-neez when they show up on screen not enter with a dull thud.

    I also couldn’t help noticing how diverse that cast was. So very progressive! I certainly hope that doesn’t turn out to be a bad thing for Swamp Thing fans. If this show reveals itself to be a leftist preaching pulpit it could get ugly fast (is this why the episode order was cut short?). I’m not saying it will go down this route…just that I hope for their sakes it won’t.

    James Wan Takes On Salem’s Lot

    Finally, a word on James Wan taking a crack at Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

    So it’s been reported all over that James Wan and the jump-scare crew are going to be adapting the vampire horror classic. Wan’s Atomic Monster is producing with Gary Dauberman penning the script. Not sure who will be directing, but with this gang, it hardly matters.

    I don’t have any ill-will towards the Conjuring, Nun, Annabelle and that whole universe that theses guys have created for themselves. They built something, it’s popular, more power to them.

    But will any of these films make my Top 100?


    Hell no.

    Nyet. Nada. No can do.

    These aren’t true horror films, their scams. They’re fugazis. Fakes. They use cheap parlor tricks to sequester a reaction, take your money and leave you with something that is ultimately hollow and worthless.

    Hellraiser is a great horror film. The Howling is a great horror film. The Ring is a great horror film. The Conjuring is trash. The Nun is trash. Annabelle is trash. Fun trash to be sure…but they are all as transitory as bowel movements. Their adaptation of Salem’s lot will likely be fun trash as well.

    But make no mistake, the only thing it’s going to leave the world is a nasty aftertaste.

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