Vincent Cassel Joins Westworld

Vincent Cassel

HBO’s Scif-fi drama series Westword is adding another major character. French actor Vincent Cassel (Irreversible, Child 44) is joining the crew for the show’s third season.

It just occurred to me I haven’t watch the second season. I completely forgot about this show. Oops. Wonder if I missed anything important. Probably not.

Winterskin (Horror) trailer

Written and directed by Charlie Steeds Winterskin follows Billy Cavanagh (David Lenik), who, after receiving an injury in the wilderness and is taken in by an old woman (Rowena Bentley) in a log cabin, finds himself besieged by a bloodthirsty creature intent on getting inside.

There are movies that are so atrocious they shouldn’t have trailers, they should have disclaimers. This looks like one of those. Yikes.

What director looked at that stiff, poorly gesticulating man-in-suit embarrassment of a creature feature and said ‘Yeah, that’s a keeper’. Charlie Steeds apparently.

Robin Wright Broadens Her Directing Chops

Robin Wright

Veteran actress Robin Wright (The Princess Bride, House of Cards) will soon be adding film director to her resume. The actress will be making her feature directorial debut in the wilderness film ‘Land’ based on an original screenplay from Jesse Chatham and Liz Hannah.

The story is about a woman named Edee Mathis (played by Wright) who, consumed with grief, removes herself completely from life by withdrawing into the wilderness.

This sounds like the kind of movie that just misses out on winning an Oscar. So close Buttercup, so close. Fear not, we will always have the Fire Swamp.

Source Deadline