I-Marcus News Briefs: Terminator: Dark Fate Open Borders Propaganda? and The Frozen II Trailer

    Terminator: Dark Fate Open Borders Propaganda?

    Possibly major spoilers ahead…

    This news comes courtesy of YouTuber Salty Cracker. Many of us who saw the Dark Fate trailer experienced a dark foreboding regarding the direction of this series. The conspicuous absence of John Connor and the introduction of two females who score high points on the intersectionality checklist lent credence to the theory that this film was going to go all-in with pushing the fourth wave feminist agenda.

    Well, if this news is correct the feminist agenda may not be front and center in the film…but an immigration agenda most certainly is. Someone who claims to have seen the movie says there is a scene where the main characters shoot up border patrol agents and illegally cross the border (the scene where they are on top of the train ( most likely one of the notorious trains of death on which many illegals ride atop on their journey to the United States)).

    The Terminator is a border patrol agent (we’re going to assume they are referring to the new Terminator played by Gabriel Luna and not Arnold). He also goes on to say that Arnold’s role in the film is ‘terrible’.

    While this is disturbing news I can’t say that I’m surprised by it. This culture war has taken down so many once great creators…It’s very sad to see James Cameron fall like this.

    Source SaltyCracker

    Frozen II Trailer

    In this sequel to the wildly popular Frozen, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf go far into the forest to learn the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.

    Since I have never seen Frozen there’s not much I could add to what this trailer is presenting. So no point in watching it. Maybe I’ll get around to watching the first one…some day.

    In other news:

    • Paramount was working on a GI Joe and Micronauts movie but they realized they would probably bomb at the box office so they pushed them back.
    • Paul Feig has been smoking a little bit too much crack lately and still thinks that he may one day do a sequel to his abysmal Ghostbusters movie. Someone get this man a rainbow straitjacket.
    • The people behind the twelfth Ju-On/The Grudge film have decided that instead of just being titled “Grudge” that keeping the name “The Grudge” might ensure that at least one person will pay for a ticket. They are mistaken. That poor soul passed away last Tuesday, now no one will watch this film.

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