Director Defends Spider-Man: Far From Home Post Credit Scene, Extra Credits Gets Savaged For YouTube Vid, And Theron and Mirren Return For Another Furious Film

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Argues Post-Credit Scene Provides A ‘Sixth-Sense’ Ending

    Spoiler alert for those who don’t like spoilers.

    Some are saying that the post-credit scene for Spider-Man: Far From Home is too drastic for a series that is essentially the epilogue of a larger story arc. In the post-credit scene it is revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are in fact Skrulls Talos and Soren with the real Nick Fury light-years away.

    The director Jon Watts argues that this ‘twist’ helps the story by making it believable that Nick Fury, who is naturally skeptical of everything and everyone, could be fooled by Mysterio the film’s primary villain. The director also hopes that this little revelation will add to the rewatch value of the film.

    This situation fosters two of my own burning questions. One, why would anyone want to ape anything that M. Night Shyamalan does and two, why are people still watching Marvel movies?

    I suspect the answer to one…would be the answer to both.

    Source Polygon

    YouTube Channel Extra Credits Latest Video Gets Savaged

    The YouTube channel Extra Credits says their mission is to take a deeper look at games. In so they claim their aim is to reveal “how they are made, what they mean, and how we can make them better”. The channel has 2.1 million subscribers.

    One of their latest videos however is not being received particularly well. The video titled: “Stop normalizing Nazis – Socially Conscious Game Design” currently has a ratio of 12K upvotes to 149K downvotes…ouch.

    In the video the group argues against the possibility of ‘randomly’ having to play as a Nazi in some games. “No one should ever have a random chance of fighting for the Nazis.”

    They posit that doing so gives the impression that there is an equivalency between Nazis and Allied soldiers, that the two are interchangeable. In essence, that it normalizes Nazis.

    They also mention that people should not be ‘forced’ to play as terrorists either.

    Their preference seems to be that you should:

    1. Be specifically told how bad these groups are.

    2. Have to manually opt-in to playing such roles.

    The general response from their fanbase and gamers seems to boil down: ‘We don’t need you or game studios to tell us what is or is not bad.’

    Here are some of the responses to the vid:

    The fracas spilled out over to their Twitter account as well where one member seemingly dared people to unsubscribe.

    Jeremy from TheQuatering reported that the channel has currently lost over 20,000 subscribers. I guess some folks took them up on their request.

    For my part they seem to have a very low opinion of people and the nature of free will. If I find myself playing a character that I don’t want to play…I ahem, stop playing. Extra Credits seems to think that people are incapable of making this decision and will, like mindless zombies I suppose, continue playing as if compelled by some invisible force.

    Finally, while they claim they are not arguing this…they do in fact argue that if you play as Nazis…it makes you susceptible to becoming a Nazi, which on it’s head makes me wonder how on earth they garnered 2.1 million anything from anywhere.

    Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren back for more Furious

    Charlize Theron

    For those who are keeping track, Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren were introduced in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious. Well, spoiler alert, I suppose they didn’t perish in the last film (I wouldn’t know I never watched it) which means that if the actresses are up for it their characters can return for the upcoming Fast & Furious 9.

    They are and they will.

    In The Fate of the Furious Theron’s character was a cyber-terrorist named Cipher (see what they did there?) while Mirren played Deckard Shaw’s mum (awww).

    Justin Lin, who directed Fast & Furious 6 is back on board to direct from a screenplay written by Dan Casey. The film is set for release May 22 of next year.

    Good grief, 9 movies. To paraphrase Martin Lawrence, they are going to ride this franchise until the wheels fall off.

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