I-Marcus News Briefs: Captain Marvel Confirmed ‘Feminist Film’, Mr. Mercedes Crew Member Gets A Shock and Luke Perry Passes

    Captain Marvel Is A Feminist Film

    If there was still any doubt about the agenda associated with the upcoming Captain Marvel flick you can put that to bed. A soundbite released from Marvel Studios has one of the directors of the film Anna Boden confirming our suspicions.

    Anna Boden:

    “I mean one the things that drew us to the character for sure was the fact that she was a really powerful, really interesting, really unique and independent female character. We are so excited to be telling this story about somebody who’s not just powerful, but also really complicated and really interesting and really human. It’s not just a feminist movie, it’s also a humanist movie.”

    I blame everyone who watched Black Panther to allow this nonsense to propagate. I’ll be re-watching a true humanist movie this weekend Alita: Battle Angel.


    Mr. Mercedes Crew Member Gets Electrocuted

    A crewmember on the AT&T original series Mr. Mercedes was electrocuted on Friday while they were hooking up lights…in the rain. Shooting is currently taking place in Summerville, south Carolina for the third season of the series, adapted from the popular Stephen King novels. Fortunately the crewmember only received burns to the hands and feet, they could have easily died.

    For some reason the studio wouldn’t release the identity or gender of this crewmember…which is interesting. Perhaps they were worried it would somehow be politicized, which in the current state of the world, is not unthinkable. At any rate,whoever it was they weren’t a newbie…having worked in the biz for 27 years.

    Source Deadline

    Luke Perry Passes (October 1966 – March 2019)

    Luke Perry

    Luke Perry passed away today as a result of complications related to a stroke he had on February 28th. He was 52.

    Luke Perry was probably best known for playing cool guy and ladies man Dylan Mckay in the teen drama 90210 which ran for 10 seasons. Most recently he was seen starring in the Netflix series Riverdale as Archie’s father, Frederick Andrews.

    I didn’t have a problem with Luke Perry, I thought he was a good actor. I don’t know his political beliefs and don’t want to know. They never reached my radar so for my own benefit I’m going to assume they were sane and leave it at that.

    R.I.P Luke.

    Source Variety

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