I-Marcus News Briefs: Apple Enters The Streaming Wars, Michael B. Jordan Gets Old and Spider-Man: Far from home pics

    Apple Makes Its Grab For The Streaming Throne

    Today (10 AM PT) Apple unveiled it streaming service, Apple TV+ at an invite-only event in Cupertino, CA. The event  (called “It’s Showtime”) was led by Zack Van-Amburg and Jamie Erlicht and featured an all star cast of stars and directors to showcase their contributions.  Apple, who will be competing with streaming leaders Netflix and Amazon (among others) is said to have dumped over a Billion dollars in original content for this new endeavor.

    The pool of talent they are drawing from is said to include Steven Spielberg, Jon Chu, Oprah Winfrey, Brain Grazer, J.J. Abrams, Howard Gordon, Jason Momoa, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Evans. The launch date and price of the new streaming service is not yet known.

    Personally, I have more than enough streaming services as is, so thanks but no thanks Apple.

    Source Variety

    Michael B. Jordan Is Methuselah

    Michael B Jordan

    Michael B. Jordan will be playing a man who has lived for over 400 years in a series called Methuselah and will be developed by Warner Bros. and Jordan’s production company Outlier Society. The series, which Warner Bros. has been attempting to develop for years, is said to have a Highlander-esque mythology and potential.

    Well, one of the aspects that made the Highlander series successful was that it was good. So far, aside from the fact that this guy lives long they aren’t really selling me on the premise. In addition, given Jordan’s voucher regarding ‘equal outcome’ hiring I’m highly dubious regarding the production quality of this venture or any other venture he and his ‘team’ are associated with.

    Source Deadline

    Spider-Man Far From Home Posters

    Sony’s marketing team has released three new posters to hype up its latest Spider-Man film: Spider-Man:Far From Home which comes out July 5th, 2019.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I am about as apathetic about this film as one can get. I just can’t seem to muster any interest what-so-ever with these latest films. With the previous films I at least had some emotion be it love or revulsion. For these…nada.




    And finally, a word for the SJWs of the world…

    No collusion. Complete exoneration.

    How do you like dem apples?

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