I-Marcus News Briefs: Amazon’s The Dark Tower Gets Back To Basics, Emelia Clarke Reveals She’s A Survivor and Comcast Reveals Streaming Service

    Sam Strike Is Roland Deschain

    Sam Strike

    Amazon’s The Dark Tower adaptation has found its Roland Deschain. Nightflyers actor, Sam Strike will take on the role of the famed gunslinger. The project has been under development for almost a year with Glen Mazzara acting as executive producer/showrunner. This incarnation is said to be a more faithful retelling of the story though it takes place years before the events in The Gunslinger novel and will essentially be an origin story.

    This could potentially be good. Not race-bending Roland Deschain is spectacular and his young age makes sense given that they will be focusing on a time when Roland was
    a teenager. Wizard and Glass is my favorite of the Dark Tower novels. Young Roland Deschain was an insanely formidable and deadly adversary. If they can capture that and the unforgiving landscape of creatures and people that King successfully painted this could be the beginning of getting the Dark Tower adaptation we asked for in the first friggen place.

    Source Deadline

    Emilia Clarke Survived Two Brain Aneurysms

    Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

    In a recent essay published in the New Yorker, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke revealed that she has survived not one, but two brain aneurysms since 2011. Her first aneurysm occurred during an exercise session with her trainer. Later on in 2013, she had to undergo surgery for another aneurysm on the other side of her brain.

    Clarke announced recently her charity organization SameYou which will strive for improved neuro-recovery care for young adults who suffer from brain injury.

    Source Deadline

    Comcast Joins The Streaming Party

    Xfinity Flex is the new streaming service provided by Comcast for its internet-only customers. The service will be a combination of VOD, free, ad-supported live streams as well as access to subscription apps such as HBO, Showtime and Epix.

    The service is an $5 extra dollars on top of the current Xfinity Internet package fee.

    “It’s targeted to a segmented part of our customer base, For this targeted segment, which is internet-first but wants access to video in a different way we think Flex will be a nice addition to our portfolio.”

    — Matt Strauss EVP of Xfinity Services at Comcast Cable

    If you can’t beat them…aggregate them.

    Source Deadline

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