HOUSEWIFE Official Trailer

    I could talk about Kellie (Loan ) Tran’s racist diatribe or Mira Sorvino getting the vapors over her friend Asia Argento being nuked on the public scene but that would lead to me not being very nice. That, and I simply don’t have enough time…we really need more staffers. Let’s take a look at a horror flick that came out in 2017 in Turkey. Apparently, it is now only just being released in the US. It’s directed by Can Evrenol (Baskin, 2015) and stars Cleméntine Poidatz, David Sakurai and Alicia Kapudag

    “You’re lost in a maze, I’m your only chance to get out”

    Felt like I was lost in a maze watching that awful trailer. This movie doesn’t even have a good threesome scene (girl, girl, guy) it has a guy, guy girl…gross! There’s also a scene with someone coming out of a toilet…how apt! This film has an IMDB rating of 5.1….let that be your guide and avoid this turd.

    That was pretty fun…suck it Loan, you’re not worth my energy.

    Housewife starring Cleméntine Poidatz, David Sakurai and Alicia Kapudag, Defne Halman and Ali Aksoz hits theaters…who knows…who cares!

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