His Dark Materials Season 1 Teaser, Batwoman Trailer Bombs, and The Game of Thrones Petition Heats Up

    His Dark Materials: Season 1: Official Teaser

    We’ve got another trailer, teaser, teaser of a trailer, whatever for HBO’s adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s series of novels His Dark Materials.

    My confidence in HBO has been dwindling pretty rapidly over the past year and that was before the Watchmen and Game of Thrones season 8 flusterclucks. Given that, the chances of me going through the trouble of bootlegging this are pretty slim, but who knows, maybe they’ll turn things around.

    Ugh, the forced diversity casting is usually a good warning sign that the people behind a series are not putting their energies toward delivering a faithful, quality product.

    I like James McAvoy as much as the next person but he’s no Lord Asriel. Asriel was a man of steel, quite intimidating with the stature of a King. Ruth Wilson is also nice, but they had Ms. Coulter right the first time with Nicole Kidman. I imagine if I went down the list I’d find that the casting was woefully poor all across the board on this project. What are the odds that the attention to the story will be any better?

    Slim to none.

    Batwoman Trailer Bombs Hugely

    The CW’s Batwoman series trailer we discussed the other day is…not being received too well. The YouTube video posted by the CW has a current ratio of 88K dislikes vs 37K likes. It would seem that the wokeness I noticed was noticed by…pretty much everyone, and they were not amused.

    Let’s read some of the comments!

    … bantha poodo. Looks like some of the best comments were ‘removed’ either by YouTube’s span filter or the CW. That’s a shame. There were some really good ones in there. I guess we’ll have to settle with some of the less clever ones:

    YouTube Comments:
    Batman: I don’t want any public recognition for me efforts

    Chrly Ray

    -Doesn’t want a man to take credit for a waman’s work
    -Steals a man’s lifetime work

    Page Fault

    Evil White man✔️
    Mixed relationship✔️
    Female empowerment narrative✔️
    Get woke go…


    One From Twitter

    While there were plenty of gripes about the trailer the primary point of contention seems to rest around the now infamous line uttered from Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane:

    “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”

    Many feel that this line, given the situation, is the epitome of hypocrisy and lack of self -awareness. How many more missteps will this series take? Stay Tuned.

    The Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 Petition Is On Fire

    The petition created by Dylan D. to remake Game of Thrones is pushing close to 1 million signatures. So much for it being just a few disgruntled ‘incels’ as some would have you believe. Yes indeed, quite a few people out there are not happy at all with what showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have cooked up for the final season of the mega-popular series.

    While it’s unlikely that HBO will follow through with the petition’s demands it’s good that an audience has the opportunity to send a message that they are unhappy with the quality of a producers product. Let’s hope Star Wars fans remember that if Kathleen Kennedy is still around when the next big film hits theaters.

    Oh Right…

    I’m Batman…no seriously, I’m Rob, I’ll be your waiter this evening…

    Robert Pattinson is supposedly going to be Batman. I can’t blame someone for wanting to be The Dark Knight but Pattinson strikes me as more of a twink than a crime-fighter. No offense he just doesn’t have that T in his look, and by T I mean Testosterone. Ben Affleck looked like he could pull your arms off with his bare hands when he played Batman, Pattinson…looks like he’s about to give you a lap-dance.

    I suppose the casting doesn’t really surprise me. Matt Reeves is directing and I think Matt Reeves is a horrible director. As soon as his name was attached to the project I mentally let it go from my mind so I actually don’t really care about it, or anything else about the project for that matter. The odds of that hack creating a scene to rival the one below with Robert Pattinson are so infinitesimally small that this project is pretty much DOA.

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