HELL FEST – Throwback Trailer

    Directed by Gregory Plotkin, with a screenplay by Akela Cooper, Blair Butler and Seth M. Sherwood, from a story by William Penick, Christopher Sey and Stephen Susco (wew…lotta hands involved with this one), Hell Fest is a soon to be released slasher film. The story entails a costumed killer who begins slaying parkgoers at a horror theme park during Halloween.

    Let’s take a gander at this trailer:

    “We came here to be terrified.”

    Toruk's Take

    Old school trailer. I think they'd be able to sell the retro vibe better if all the women didn't look like they wore Kardashian-brand waist trainers. Also, the narrator just isn't hitting that tonal quality quys like Don LaFontaine brought to the proceedings. Not terrible...just not great. I don't know about the film, but this trailer just makes me realize how good we had it back in the 80's and 90's. I'll queue this movie up when it hits Amazon Prime...maybe.

    Hell Fest starring Amy Forsyth, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Reign Edwards and Tony Todd is scheduled for release September 28th.

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