“Heathers” Official Red Band Trailer

    I don’t remember a whole heck of a lot from the movie Heathers (1988). At that time I was pretty much obsessed with video games, horror movies and chicks, chicks, chicks. But what I do recall is that it was quirky, funny and really dark. Didn’t rock my world but I remember thinking it was a pretty decent flick. Given the times we live in however, It doesn’t come as any surprise to me that an attempt by Paramount to make a show about this cult classic is beginning with a rocky start.

    I’ve noted on more occasions than I can count that most of the creative talent of today compared to those of the 70’s, 80′ and 90’s leaves much to be desired.  One would think that they would have learned to not highlight this fact by rebooting work that was infinitely beyond their capability. The trailer for the new Heathers series is being panned.

    Let’s see what some of the groundlings thought of it:

    “Looks like they just compiled a list of Tumblr buzzwords and made a script. “Body positive! Gender-queer! Clit! Adderall! Suicidal!” 🙄😪 You deserve all the dislikes you’re getting for this lazy piece of work!”

    “I’ve never even seen the original Heathers, and I’m offended this was made…”

    “remaking a classic is fine. remaking a classic tastelessly and with no regard to the message spirit and theme of the original? not so much. and the dark, dry humour that made the first one so iconic is absolutely nowhere to be seen here”

    “I always try to at least appreciate when a show attempts to be inclusive, but this is just straight-up pandering. Not to mention it just seems horrible. Just the snippets of script in this less-than-three-minute video made me want to gag. I hope this show channels the original movie’s climax and is destroyed in a fiery explosion.”

    Well, that escalated quickly.  I think they’ve said it all.

    Heathers, premieres March 7th on the Paramount Network.

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