HBO’s Watchmen Is Going To Be Very Woke

    Damon Lindelof recently confirmed something I suspected from the very first trailer. Watchmen is going to be a very woke exercise that features one of today’s biggest buzzwords ‘White Supremacy’ as its primary antagonist.

    The decision to go down this path with a material that he did not nor could ever create on his own happened after he suddenly became aware that there were black people on the planet. Lindelof mentioned during a press conference that he came to learn about Black Wall Street after reading The Case for Reparations written by (spectacular racist and scumbag) Ta-Nehisi Coates. A point in history he admitted he knew nothing about.

    So because Lindelof was a poor student of history this means that everyone else has to suffer. Wonderful.

    He said it was here that his ‘education’ began. One can only imagine what books he read or speeches he listened to from that point on but what we can deduce are the poor conclusions he has drawn from them. For instance, he has concluded that “White Supremacy” is a great, great problem that must be fought. Even more interesting is that he says it is something that can’t be defeated. Talk about basking in the smell of your own flatulence. What he without a doubt has not learned is that there are two types of people who believe in the concept of White Supremacy.

    1. Those who believe they are superior because they are white.
    2. Those who believe they are inferior because they are not.

    The rest of us are normal human beings who wish we could fling 1 and 2 out into space with a giant trebuchet.

    Lindelof has essentially revealed himself to be a full-blown-leftist-scumbucket who thinks that he is indeed a higher being…but must be contrite and signal how bad he feels about the fact that he is cursed with this majestic burden. The kind of maggot who thinks that the lowly-brown folk must be coddled and given special treatment because their wee brains aren’t powerful enough to compete with the great tyrannical entity that is whiteness. He is an awokened savior and he shall break the slaves bondage via his great works. This is the same hack who wrote Prometheus mind you.

    Watchmen is to be used as his contrition, his burnt offering to the great struggle for diversity and inclusion being waged by his woke colleagues. It will be used as a holy banner to show the world that he’s ‘one of the good ones’ and as a righteous bludgeon against those with pale skin who have the audacity to feel neither superior nor guilty for the act of simply being born.

    Can I call em or can I call em.

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