HBO Takes On Another J.J. Abrams Series: Demimonde

    Hey, I was just talking about J.J. Abrams…Well it looks like he’s got another project in the pipeline at HBO. This new project is called Demimonde (which in french means: class of women considered to be of doubtful morality and social standing.) and is supposed to be an “epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama”. Whatever, apparently the world in this is against a monstrous and oppressive force..are they talking about liberals? If so, I might have to break my anti-JJ code just this once.

    Abrams will be executive producing the project along with Bad Robot’s Ben Stephenson.  Since Alias (2001) this will be Abrams first series solely created by him. This just gets better and better. This is the third series that Abrams has with HBO, the other two being Westworld and the not yet released Lovercraft Country produced by Jordan Peele (Get Out (2017) … another movie I refuse to watch).

    Well, I’m not going anywhere near it…but I know I’m the deep minority on this, Abrams manages to squirt his goop and people still come to lap it up, it is a most puzzling scenario.

    So dig in folks.

    Source: Deadline

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