HBO Max will produce James Gunn’s prequel series telling an origin story of the comic book character Peacemaker, reports the AVClub. He is one of many, many, MANY characters appearing in Gunn’s upcoming Suicide Squad sequel. Gunn will write scripts for all eight episodes of this darkly humorous, superhero adventure series. Additionally, he will also direct at least several episodes of it, including the pilot. 

As portrayed in the film by the WWE wrestler John Cena (BumblebeeBlockers), Peacemaker is a psychopath so committed to world peace he’s willing to murder anyone in his path to help achieve this goal. The character was created by writer Joe Gill and artist Pat Boyette and first appeared on the pages of Charlton Comics in November 1966. 

At the moment, Gunn is working on The Suicide Squad. He plans to produce the Peacemaker series before tackling the third Guardians of the Galaxy film for Disney next year. Currently, The Suicide Squad is officially arriving in cinemas on August 6, 2021. THere’s a good chance the series might premiere around the same time as the film.