HAUNT Official Trailer


Written and Directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (Writers for A Quiet Place) Haunt features a group of friends who encounter an ‘extreme’ haunted house on Halloween that turns their darkest nightmares into reality.

Toruk's Take

I would have guessed that this was done years and years and years before they worked on A Quiet Place because the quality of this looks so poor. While A Quiet Place had some interesting elements story-wise I had a lot of issues with it. Looking at this…those issues make more sense, these guys aren’t good writers or directors…John Krasinski as it turns out is a pretty good director and probably a good writer as well. He has to be…it’s the only way to explain that film versus this droll nonsense I just watched. This also would explain why Krasinski is writing the sequel to A Quiet Place on his own sans these toads.

They’re awful.

Haunt starring Katie Stevens, Will Brittain, Lauryn Alisa McClain and others hits theaters September 13.