Harry Knowles – owner of the once great website Aint It Cool News – is in deep Bantha Poodoo

    Harry, Harry, Harry…

    It looks like the great big ginger has got himself in a wee bit of trouble.

    Harry Knowles, 45,  founder of Aint it Cool News, has been accused of sexual assault…by several women.

    It all started when Jasmine Baker, and Austin , accused Knowles of opportunistically “groping” her on several occasions. Events that occurred two decades ago. Asked why she was coming forward now Jasmine said that:“she’s hopeful that attitudes are changing toward what’s considered acceptable behavior and how people address accusations”

    A great many things have changed in regard to what is considered acceptible behavior, not sure I would call most of them good, though.

    Four more women have come forward (isn’t that always the way) to lodge their own charges of sexual assaul and hairyassment from Knowles. If that wasn’t bad enough, several of AICNs longtime contributers have resigned from the site (Quint (Eric Vespe) and Capone (Steve Prokopy) among them).

    The site has begun shutting down its talkbacks and has brought in new staff.

    Knowles “categorically” denies these accusations.

    Hmn. I used to frequent AICN for many, many years. At one time It was one the hottest places on the web. However the infiltration of “plants” and the ever growing impression that good reviews were being “bought” by studios tainted the once great site, for me anyway.

    The talkbacks were always the heart of AICN, Harry’s suspect taste in movies and incoherent reviews were never a big draw for me. I have to admit, given his penchant for virtu signaling and his seeming inability to make it to the toilet without breaking into a deep sweat; the notion that this blob had enough get-up-and-go to actually accost someone physically…is…hard to believe.

    Not without some serious CGI in the mix.

    But…let’s, for the sake of argument, say it’s true and he’s been rubbing his grotch up against, groping with his pudgy little hands, soliciting with his greasy mouth, uninterested (and horrified) women.


    I don’t get the whole sexual harassment deal. I really don’t. Why do it? Did he honestly and truly believe that it would never get out? Did he really believe that he was that important that it would never see the light of day?

    The logic truly puzzles me. I mean, if I were truly as important and powerful as all that…would I have to stoop to making unwanted advances? Wouldn’t women be lining up at the door? Ah, but some say it isn’t about the sex it’s about the power. To impose your will upon others. If that was what was going on he truly is a slime bucket. It makes all his Trump bashing truly mind-boggling. Talk about a lack of self-awareness….giggle.

    Well, that’s all assuming that he’s guilty, and while that may be the case in the court of public opinion. This has yet to see its day in a court of law. And we are still a country of laws…regardless of what some might want to believe.

    One thing is for certain. AICN will never be the same again.

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