Google Announces Stadia, A Console-less Streaming Game Platform

    During a recent conference Google announced its gaming streaming service called Stadia. This service will allow you to play video games seemingly anywhere anytime as well as the ability to share game-play and have instant assistance at the touch of a button.

    Let’s see exactly how they say this will work.

    In short, Google has the ability to bring any Triple-A game to any device with a chrome browser. That means whether you are on your phone, laptop, or tablet you could be playing any game allowing for full cross-platform play. Since Stadia operates off of Google it stores and shares all the data in the Google Cloud.

    So let’s say you saw a trailer for a new game and would like to play it. You could play it right then and there without a lengthy install process or having to travel to buy a physical copy of the game. If you are a YouTuber doing a live stream you would be able to add those watching at will. While you can use existing USB controllers Stadia has a specialized controller with two buttons dedicated to linking gaming sessions running in the Cloud. First is the capture button, it saves and shares your gaming experience back out to YouTube. Second is the Google Assist button, this gets you help from an assistant from in-game features built in by developers. Basically if you’re stuck on a specific part in the game you won’t need to watch a video or read a walk-through to figure it out.

    Games will be able to be run up to 4K and in the future 8K. We’re assuming you would still need a device that can support that though. The release date was announced sometime in 2019 and no price has been given.

    Is this the new platform Gamers have been waiting for or a hard pass? Let us know what you think!

    Source: CNBC

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