Some Good News For Once…No More Reboots From Platinum Dunes

    Via Den Of Geek, Platinum Dunes is a production company owned by Michael Bay…yes that Michael Bay and has been known for rebooting past horror franchises some of which include The Amityville Horror and Friday The 13th. Well, it looks like that may be about to change. Brad Fuller, who runs the company stated in an interview with CinePOP that the company’s rebooting days were over.

    Brad Fuller:

    “We’ve done all of our [reboots of] horror movies, We’re not going to be doing that anymore.”

    Apparently, Platinum Dunes focus will now be on original material. Bolstered no doubt, by the success of their latest horror films success: A Quiet Place, which is shot from an original idea and is currently in theaters. Sweet heavens…could we finally be seeing a breakthrough in Hollywood? Perhaps the millions of cries from the Internet about Hollywood being devoid of originality and butchering works of the past has gotten through to the people at Platinum. Now, let’s see if the rest of Hollywood takes the hint.

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