Gab’s Browser Extension Dissenter Provides A New Battlefield For The Culture War

    So…this is pretty cool.

    One of the best parts…in fact usually the best part of a highly trafficked website was the comment section where users were able to offer their own opinions on the topic at hand. Well, that’s how things used to be. Once the culture war kicked into high-gear a curious thing began to happen. The comment sections on many websites began to be heavily moderated, that is, outright censored or in cases like IMDB and The Hollywood Reporter…completely removed altogether.

    This attempt to quell dissenting voices…usually voiced against the regressive left, no doubt has left many frustrated and annoyed.

    The developers behind the social network platform Gab have come up with a solution for that.

    It’s called Dissenter, a browser extension that let’s you comment on any website whether the website owners like it or not. This includes “Wikipedia articles, Amazon products, Tweets, YouTube videos, CNN articles, and more.”

    From the Dissenter website:

    Dissenter is the comment section of the Internet. Install the extension and comment on any URL while also discovering what others have commented across the web. For the full experience and more features visit

    How popular this becomes in my opinion depends on whether or not the enemy chooses to engage in this arena. If the left has the guts to voice its despicable and vile beliefs in a platform that allows the other side to actually retort and eviscerate said beliefs…then this could be huge.

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