Fox Cancels Lethal Weapon Series

    To the surprise of absolutely no one Fox’s ill-fated Lethal Weapon series is finally cancelled. The series creators first mistake was creating a Lethal Weapon TV show. Their second mistake was hiring Damon Wayans.

    Damon Wayans as it turns out…is a full-blown piece of crap. Clayne Crawford, who played the role of Martin Riggs, was fired from the show after season 2. Initially, it was reported that it was because Crawford was a problem on the set and detrimental to production but it was later revealed that it was actually Wayans who was simply a full-blown wack-a-loon.

    The show replaced Crawford with Seann William Scott for the 3rd season which left off on a cliffhanger but clearly the show wasn’t pulling in enough viewers to warrant the trouble for a 4th.

    Good riddance.

    Damon Wayans doesn’t deserve a show, he deserves a straight-jacket.

    Source Deadline

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