Fahrenheit 11/9 Opens Cold At The Box-office

    Michael Moore’s 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 opened to $23 million at the box office and went on to make over $119 million over its lifetime at the theaters. His latest film, Fahrenheit 11/9, opened considerably lower this weekend with a tepid $3 million dollar domestic weekend gross from 1,719 locations. Some have posited that this is the result of the Director/Activist’s gradual loss of his audience over the years. According to BoxOfficeMojo, the film did receive a cinemascore “A” for what it’s worth.

    Toruk's Take

    I find it difficult to fathom that there was actually a time I listened to what Michael Moore had to say. The creature I see before me now causes my stomach to churn. A 'the sky is falling' leftist nutjob who actually called for people to "surround' the U.S. Capitol to prevent the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice because the nominee is a conservative whose addition would make it a "Right court".

    This is the kind of hypocrite who believes in the rule of law as long as he agrees with it. Which isn't American at all, no matter how many baseball caps he wears. Perhaps Moore's documentary isn't doing so well because when it is all said and done people are getting sick of bloated, self-hating, SJW scum screeching about how terrible the greatest country on the planet is. Thanks to the internet we can (for the time being) access untainted information and pass this on to one another faster than any news outlet or documentary can.

    We know when we're being lied to.

    We know how things really are in the streets and our lives.

    And because of this...we know that people like Michael Moore...are full of hot air.


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