Ewan McGregor Could Be Danny Torrance In Doctor Sleep

    According to Deadline, Ewan McGregor (Star Wars: Episodes 1-3, Trainspotting (1996, 2017)) may be playing the troubled adult Danny Torrance in Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen Kings novel Doctor Sleep. The actor is currently in talks with Warner Bros, who wants to get this one made while the King adaptation success iron is hot. The story is about Danny Torrance, who has had a bit of a rough road as an adult after the events at The Overlook Hotel (The Shining). It would appear that Danny has the same disease as his father, alcoholism, and plenty of other demons to contend with.  Danny finds himself in a life and death battle to protect a young girl from some supernatural baddies who will stop and nothing to take from her the precious energy derived from those that “shine”.

    There aren’t many projects on the horizon I’m looking forward to. Hollywood doesn’t produce much these days that appeals to people like me. But this is something I can sink my teeth into. I loved the novel, Mike Flanagan is a rock solid horror director who has experience sticking the landing with Stephen King adaptations (See the stellar Gerald’s Game currently streaming on Netflix) and Ewan McGregor is an actor known for bringing his A game.

    Full disclosure…Ewan was not who I envisioned in my head as Danny Torrance…but I’ll adapt, as I imagine, will he.

    Edit: correction made – Mike Flanagan directed Gerald’s Game not 1922 (which is also great)

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