Elizabeth Shue Joins Karl Urban in Amazon’s Superhero Series ‘The Boys’

    We reported about Karl Urban being given the role of ‘head boy’ in Amazon’s super hero series The Boys based off a book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Deadline reports that Elisabeth Shue (Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Death Wish (2018)) also wants to join the fun. She will be playing Madelyn Stillwell, Vice President of Hero Management for Vought, which is in charge of the public persona and the handing out of Superhero assignments. From the description it sounds like she’s basically a Ray Donovan/Olivia Pope type fixing the bad press caused by Celebrity Superhero drama.

    The Boys recap:

    “The Boys takes place in a universe where superheroes exist but most of them are corrupt and revel dangerously in their celebrity status, thus posing a danger to the world. As a result, a superpowered CIA squad nicknamed “The Boys” is tasked with monitoring the superhero community and addressing those who cause trouble. The leader of this squad is a man named Billy Butcher.”

    I’ve always liked Shue’s work. And she’s always been easy on the eyes, so this is another plus for this series, which is starting to sound like a pretty good project.

    I’ve noted to myself that I’ve been spending more and more time on Amazon Prime than on Netflix. If I had one word to describe the content I’ve been seeing on Netflix over the past year…the word would be…weird. Amazon’s content feels more, what that SJW term? Cis-gendered friendly. Ah yes, that’s it. Not so much with the people sporting pink in various areas. My kinda content. If this keeps up, I might not really have a reason to keep Netflix at all. I love Capitalism.

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