Doom Room Trailer

    Directed by Jon Keeyes and co-written by Keys and Carl Kirshner, Doom Room is a horror film about a woman who wakes up trapped in a room with paranormal entities bent on tormenting her. to make matters worse she also suffers from amnesia.

    ‘Don’t scream.’

    Toruk's Take

    Lol, that was pretty hilarious.

    I needed a good chuckle as it’s been a pretty crappy month. This looks absolutely atrocious. Bad horror is really getting bolder these days. In the old days they would creep by until they could find space on an old dusty shelf somewhere. Now they boldly advertise their badness to all who dare to witness. I will give the trailer one thing, the actress seems competent enough. Fully emote capable. Which, I suppose, is lucky for them, because she is going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting with this project.

    Nothing says scary like a checkered nail job.

    Doom Room starring Debbie Rochon, Nicholas Ball, Hayden Tweedie, Mathew Tompkins and Johanna Stanton will, well, this movie’s so bad it doesn’t have a release date!


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