Disneyland Brawlers Charged With Multiple Felonies and Misdemeanors

    There was a video that came out not too long ago regarding Disneyland where a group of DinduNuffins thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate to the world why reparations will not and should not ever happen.
    It took place at Disneyland of all places and went on far longer than any sane person thought that it could. Possibly the only thing more despicable than those reveling in their atavistic primal glee was the stark absence and ultimate inefficiency (when they did arrive) of the ‘security force’ employed by Disney to protect its cherished consumer base.
    These most assuredly must have been among the sad sacks who reached out to Abigail Disney to lament that the mouse house’s salary was so paltry they were reduced to rummaging in their neighbors trash for sustenance. This lack of food would go a long way to explaining the lethargic response times to address this horde wreaking havoc in the magical kingdom.
    Seriously, what the heck was going on here? Disgraceful.

    Perhaps they were under the same edict as the recently doused and battered police officers we had the misfortune of hearing about. That edict being: ‘Don’t make the black kids angry’. Remind me never to plan a trip to ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’, I’d hate to be caught in the middle of a drive-by whilst spinning around on the Mad Tea Party.

    Fortunately this torrid tale may have a happy ending.

    Multiple felonies and misdemeanors have been filed against these louts as announced by Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitze. For those with a penchant for the macabre TheHollywoodReporter has the gory details, apparently this was a ‘family’ brawl of all things, which makes the whole affair even worse. Just think what they would do to folks who aren’t their kin.

    Frankly, I think instead of jail time and wasting our tax dollars we should just start parachuting these Mensa candidates over countries that are giving us problems…like Iran.

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