Disney Star Wars Doubles Down On Pointless Spin-Offs With Boba Fett Movie

    I’ve discussed why Solo should be boycotted and the latest news should aid that decision. Disney is running this franchise into the ground faster than a lone prostitute by the harbor during shore leave. It’s almost as if they see the bottom falling out and are trying to sell off as much stock as they can before it completely tanks. Very few wanted a SOLO movie and despite the cult popularity of Boba Fett I’m willing to bet cold, hard cash the fervor to see a stand alone film of his has come and gone. Especially, after the horror-shows that Disney has put out of late regarding the property.

    Nonetheless, The Hollywood Reporter reports that James Mangold (Logan, 2017) is apparently going to write and direct a Boba Fett film. No doubt, Disney is banking on the goodwill Mangold earned from his gritty Logan film to woo the male, heterosexual Geeks back into the fold. One wonders if this will be the bone Disney throws at the very upset wolves amongst the fanbase to calm their outrage over the disgusting Identity Politics and SJW-laden latest entries. If they have even a scintilla of intellect that would be the obvious maneuver. But perhaps they are so far gone that this film too, will stagger under the weight of their ideological agenda.

    If so, it will harken once and for all that the franchise is, indeed, truly lost. What’s left of the fandom will evaporate, and Kathleen Kennedy’s failure will be complete.

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