According to AVClub, indie directors, screenwriters, and actors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead joined the crew working on Marvel’s superhero TV series Moon Knight. The hiring of this creative duo is an intriguing and potentially exciting addition for a TV show about one of the more peculiar Marvel superheroes.

Benson and Moorhead first drew attention in 2012 with their low budget horror film Resolution – an eerie, funny, and surprisingly heartfelt story about two friends faced with increasingly unsettling phenomena while staying in a remote cabin in the wilderness. Benson and Moorhead followed this with several critically acclaimed horror movies, including Endless, Resolution, and – most recently – Synchronic.

Sometimes compared to Batman, Moon Knight is a Marvel superhero using enormous wealth and ancient Egyptian magic to fight evil. He also suffers from a Dissociative Identity Disorder, resulting in multiple aliases – from a lowly cab driver to a millionaire playboy. Most recently, we learned Oscar Isaac was in talks about playing the titular role. Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) and Beau DeMayo (The Originals, The Witcher) will help write the series, while Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab (Clash, The Island) is among other directors of the show.