DIABLERO Official Trailer

    Coming to Netflix, Diablero tells the story of a fallen priest, a demon hunter, and a superhero who join forces to battle evil.

    Toruk's Take

    I used to watch a lot of foreign movies/series with subtitles. A lot. Mostly Asian but also other cultures. The thing about watching something with subtitles is you have to pay attention or you will miss a lot of things (assuming that there is something worth missing). There are few things more irritating than watching something subtitled that turns out to be crap because then you have wasted time you can’t get back. With English-speaking fare, you can put it on and do other things, i.e. multi-tasking. Can’t really do that with the subtitled stuff unless you really don’t care what’s on.

    At this point in my life my time is extremely limited so I can’t afford to watch subtitled entertainment as much as I once did. Which means, when I do watch something subtitled, I go way out of my way to stack the odds to ensure it is something worth my time.

    This…doesn’t even come close to making the cut.

    Really, Netflix?


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