DEEP BLUE SEA 2 Official Trailer

    The original Deep Blue Sea (1999) directed by Renny Harlin was…not a good movie. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun movie. It gave us comedic LL Cool J who as the eccentric resident chef offered plenty of funny one-liners. It hosted a speech by Samual L Jackson that was rendered completely ridiculous by him being immediately gobbled up afterwards. We had Stellan Skarsgård being used as battering ram by a shark, Thomas Jane doing shark acrobatics and best of all, Saffron Burrows in her underwear, yee haw.

    It was 1990’s bad, which is a big step up from 2000’s bad…and an even bigger step up from the second decade in this century so I would not think badly of anyone who was extremely skeptical of the quality of the film’s sequel, for which we now have a trailer.

    “We can all be gods”

    Taking over the role of the extremely stupid scientist is Michael Beach Pitch (2016), Danielle Savre Boogeyman 2 (2007) looks to be playing the role of the skeptic. Everyone else is probably just shark meat. There’s something to be said for a species that actively endeavors to remove itself from the top of the food chain.

    Deep Blue Sea 2 starring Michael BeachDanielle Savre is slated to swim straight to video July 18.

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