Daniel Cerone Exits As Showrunner For George R.R. Martin’s “Nightflyers” Series

    Via The Wrap…Daniel Cerone, who joined the project in January is walking away from ‘The Nightflyers’ after what is described as “creative differences”.  He will still be working with Universal Cable productions on other genre projects, however, just not this one. We discussed this project, which is based off of George R.R. Martin’s 1980 novella before, so details can be found there. Writer, actor, and author of the series script Jeff Buhler, will be taking over as the showrunner.

    Show synopsis:

    “eight scientists and a telepath who embark on a quest to make contact with alien life. They board The Nightflyer, a ship bound for the outer edges of the solar system, with a reclusive captain and a tightknit crew. However, terrifying events plan to make the journey more complicated than they once thought.”

    Playing the members of the crew will be: Gretchen Mol, Eoin Macken, David Ajala, Sam Strike, Maya Eshet, Angus Sampson, Jodie Turner-Smith and Brían F. O’Byrne.

    One of course wonders what kind of ‘creative differences’ would be so strong that they lead to someone leaving a series. Perhaps Bryan Fuller can chime in on that. Nonetheless it’s not the sort of news you want circulating about your up and coming series. It might lead people to think the project itself wasn’t thought out very well.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see how this all unfolds.

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