Dangerous Trailer


After his brother’s death a reformed sociopath journeys to a remote island to investigate why and encounters more than he bargained for. Directed by David Hackel from a screenplay by Chris Borrelli.

Toruk's Take

Personally, I believe sociopathy is something you are born with. You don’t grow out of it or shake it off. ‘Reformed’ sociopath is a nonsensical description. That being said, this film look like it’s going to be a dud. Could be wrong but it’s hard to take anything with Tyrese Gibson too seriously. Perhaps it’s a comedy. Mel Gibson looks like one of the brighter points. Famke Janssen is an…interesting casting decision for her role. Putting a 56 year old woman in tactical gear is a bold choice.

In a nutshell the biggest problems are:

  1. The jokes are very funny.
  2. The action scenes don’t look very exciting.

Looks like we’re looking at weekday matinee streaming while you exercise…maybe.

Dangerous starring Scott Eastwood, Tyrese Gibson, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, and Mel Gibson is released in theaters and on-demand November 5, 2021.

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