The Cured Trailer – Ellen Page

    Back in September this horror film produced by and starring Ellen Page premiered as a special presentation in Toronto. Written and directed by David Freyne, the film takes place in Ireland where 75 percent of the population is ‘cured’ of a zombie-creating virus called the “Maze” while 25 percent of the populace is still infected. I feel this movie has already been out and about in the bootleg circuit for some reason…at any rate, let’s have a look:

    I think this notion of curing Zombie-ism rather defeats the whole purpose. In the trailer a “cured” individual is asked how long they had been a zombie, they answer: “Four years”. Four years as a zombie? This individual looked liked he just woke up from a mild bender. What the hell kind of zombie was he? What happened to decaying flesh? What happended to torn limbs? What was he eating? He must have been kept in a nice padded room and fed three hot meals a day. Frankly I find this whole concept ridiculous. They have reduced a terminal, horrific, unfathomable condition to people who have had “anger issues”.  I’m not a zombie…I’m zombie capable.

    Naturally Page, being the bleeding heart lib that she is, plays a character who takes one these “ex-zombies” into her home…with a little child there no less.  If the movie doesn’t end with him eating her brains ( what little she has left ) then I will have considered it a waste.

    The Cured starring Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Paula Malcomson is released in theaters and VOD February 23rd.

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