In 2006 Christophe Gans helmed the live-action adaptation of cult horror video game Silent Hill by Konami. Now, GeekTyrant reports that Gans is developing a new Silent Hill movie with Victor Hadida, producer of previous films in the franchise. According to the director himself, its story would be set in a small American town ruled over by Puritanism.

According to the article, Gans is also working on a movie adaptation of Fatal Frame (aka Project Zero) – yet another Japanese horror video game. Developed by Temco and first released in 2002, Fatal Frame follows siblings trapped in a haunted mansion. Their sole weapon against ghosts is a special camera that can capture them in photos.

Gans is a French director whose visually impressive films – like Brotherhood of the Wolf and Beauty and the Beast – are heavily influenced by the over-the-top style of manga, anime, and video games. For years he wanted to direct a horror film based on Konami’s cult video game series Silent Hill. While far from perfect, his 2006 adaptation movie rightfully drew attention due to its nightmarish visuals faithfully recreated from the original game. A sequel titled Silent Hill: Revelation followed in 2012 but wasn’t as nearly as well-received.