Check Out The Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer


It has become standard within the past decade to release old gems back to fans while preying on nostalgia hype and they have become damn good at it. The Resident Evil 2 remake body-slammed expectations and reminded Gamers exactly why we fell in love with the series. Final Fantasy seems to be pulling out all the stops as well. Not only is the game gorgeous but the energy is perfect.

The overall quality has improved since the first go-round back in 2015. Thanks to Cycu1’s comparison we can get a look at just how much time has been put into making everything feel crisper.

If you couldn’t tell the mechanics are going to follow the FFXV format instead of the classic turn-based system so Kingdom Hearts lovers will feel right at home. Unfortunately, we have no release date and so far the FFVII Remake is only officially announced for PS4. We can look forward to getting some more information around June.

As much as I would have liked to be hyped about something actually new even I can’t deny the excitement surrounding this game.

Source: Geektyrant

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