Even though his long-gestating Gambit movie may have been lost forever in development hell, Channing Tatum is setting his eyes on adapting another comic book property. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum and the producer Roy Lee (IT: Chapter 2, Doctor Sleep) are interested in Sam Kieth’s cult comic book series The Maxx. It is as yet unclear whether or not Tatum and Lee adapt it as a feature film or a series.

Blurring the border between reality and imagination, The Maxx follows an eponymous purple hero who protects The Jungle Queen in the fantastical world called The Outback. Meanwhile, in our world, he is just a nameless vagrant trying to protect Queen’s alter ego – his social worker Julie Winters – from the sinister serial killer called Mr. Gone.

Sam Kieth gained fame as an illustrator for Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Before creating The Maxx, he worked on other projects for DC and Marvel as well. Image Comics first published The Maxx in March 1993. It ran there as a monthly series for 35 issues until August 1998. In 1995, MTV adapted The Maxx into a cartoon series that aired for 13 episodes.