Castle Rock Teaser #2

    Hulu released another teaser for its new series Castle Rock, based off of the Stephen King universe. I’ve shared my reservations about this series given that it is produced by Jar Jar Abrams with whom I have a fiery hatred so hot that it can burn away a galaxy. This teaser should offer a little bit more to perhaps get an idea of what direction they are going with this. Maybe it will win me over…

    Hmn, yeah, reservations are still there. Nothing they’ve shown in this has changed that. I like a lot of the casting but capturing the King-ness of a Stephen King story is difficult enough, this series sounds like they are just using the Castle Rock name to pretty do whatever they want…which rarely goes well, see The Dark Tower for more on how that works out.

    The Castle Rock series starring André Holland, Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgård, Melanie Lynskey and Scott Glenn premieres this Summer.

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