Bryan Fuller No Longer On Apple’s Amazing Stories Reboot

    Bryan Fuller, former show runner of Hannibal and American Gods, and who recently signed on to be showrunner for Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles has exited as show runner of Apple’s reboot of Steven Spielberg’s beloved short-lived series Amazing StoriesDeadline reports that the exit is the result of ‘creative differences’ and isn’t sure if this means he will or will not stay on in a different capacity.

    Late last year Apple made a 10-episode ‘straight-to-series’ deal with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television. Speilberg, Fuller, Justin Falvey, Hart Hanson and Darryl Frank were to serve as excecutive producers of the series with it being produced by Amblin and Universal Television.

    Bryan Fuller on set of Hannibal
    Bryan Fuller on set of Hannibal. Copyright by NBC and other respective production studios and distributors.

    Fuller is garnering a reputation as an exiter versus finisher these days. He exited American Gods as a show runner. He exited CBS’s All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery as a show runner (can’t really blame him for that one). I hope he sticks around and finishes developing The Vampire Chronicles series because yes, I’m selfish, otherwise, I might join what I am sure is a growing chorus of people who are starting to think Mr. Fuller is a wee bit unreliable.


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