Bryan Fuller Joins The Team Bringing The Vampire Chronicles To Television

    I am a massive fan of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles.

    I was hopelessly hooked from the moment I first heard the legendary Frank Muller with his vocal eloquence bring the story of Lestat de Lioncourt to life for me via some beat-up old audiocassettes I rented from the local library.

    Between his delicious narration and Anne Rice’s insatiable lust for description, I was provided with a vivid and wondrous landscape to park my imagination when the real world’s tepid pallor offered little to urge me forward. I devoured those books like a starved beast and til this day I suffer from hunger pangs for there has not been a story I’ve encountered since that could quite quench the appetite I’d never known lied so deep within.

    All this to say…they better not screw this up!


    Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Hannibal) who recently left as showrunner for the Starz’s series American Gods is joining the team bringing The Vampire Chronicles to television. The news was announced by Christopher Rice (Rice’s son) via a Facebook post.

    Apparently, Fuller has wanted to adapt this property since he was a young lad (13). The series will be on Paramount Television and will chronicle the journey of The Vampire Lestat. According to Paramount TV chief Amy Powell, Fuller is being eyed as the potential showrunner.

    Christopher Rice, Anne Rice, and Bryan Fuller

    A few things. In a perfect world, I would want this done on Netflix, HBO or Amazon. I would have each season the focus of one Novel.

    Season 1 – Interview With The Vampire

    Season 2 – The Vampire Lestat

    Season 3 – The Queen of The Damned

    You get the picture. I don’t know what they are going to do. But I swear under all that is holy and sacred if they have Lestat doing some imbecilic crime type procedural or monster of the week nonsense I will…I will give it a scathing review dammit.

    Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

    Bryan Fuller has done many projects that I think are solid and I hear that Chris is very protective of his mother’s work so that gives me comfort.

    Let’s see what the future brings.

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