Bright Official Trailer from Netflix

    All things being equal…I like Will Smith. He’s put out some clunkers, and his push to get Jaden into Hollywood could have been handled…better. But all in all, like Tom Cruise, I think he brings his A game to the roles he takes on. And a lot of his films have been enjoyable…to me anyway.

    I also like Netflix, used to love Netflix…but that’s a tale for another time.

    That brings us to the end of the list of things I like about this project.

    David Ayer is directing, yet oddly, I didn’t see his name in the trailer anywhere. If that’s the case that’s pretty wise, given his recent track record.

    Another thing that concerns me is the description:

    “Bright is an upcoming American urban fantasy crime action thriller film.”.  Yeah, that’s a mouthful. that’s crumbs on the seat, potentially going down the wrong pipe mouthful. Couple that with Ayers directing and a script written by the uneven Max Landis and who the hell knows what we’ll get.

    Could wind up amazing…or it could be the first candidate for our Evisceration Alley series.

    Oooh wait…hold the phone. News alert…news alert. We just got a David Ayer quote from the Los Angeles rag.

    Bear witness:

    “David Ayer says ‘Bright’ is the ‘woke’ R-rated Will Smith fairytale police action movie America needs”

    Woke? America needs? SJW alert! SJW alert!  A regressive left preach-fest from David Ayer?

    Say it isn’t so, tell me this is all a big red herring and what we’re really going to get is a deliciously subversive Red Pilling. Something that teaches these kids that it is what’s on the inside that has always truly mattered and anyone who focuses on the shell is, and always will be, a fool. You know,  the same message we got from Alien Nation ( 1988 ) Back when men were men, and movies were movies.

    I can hope that’s the case…if not…Evisceration Alley it is. Either way, someone is going to be entertained.


    Bright starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton streams from Netflix December 22nd.

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