Brandon Routh to Be The Voice of Magic: The Gatherings’ Gideon Jura

    Brandon Routh, he who was once Superman in Superman Returns and Atom on the DC series Legends of Tomorrow has been tapped to voice a lead character in Netflix’s Magic: The Gathering animated series.

    Brandon Routh

    Routh will play Gideon Jura, a Planeswalker and hieromancer. The character is described as large, muscular, loyal, just and charismatic. That’s quite the package. Throw that on a dating profile and the line of ladies will be running out into the streets.

    Magic: The Gathering is a tabletop card game created in 1993. In the game, players take the role of a Planeswalker and do battle with other players as Planeswalkers using spells, artifacts, and summoning creatures drawn from the players decks. The game’s popularity has soared since its creation and has achieved a legendary status among card games.

    The animated series will be executive produced by Jeff Klein (Transformers: Prime). The series is set to air in late 2022.

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