Borderless Documentary


If there’s one thing that can never be argued against regarding Lauren Southern…it’s that she has balls of steel. Her new documentary Borderless opens in near pitch-blackness on the coast of Turkey as her team monitors a group of migrants and some human traffickers who clearly are not happy with their presence. Her security team urges that they need to leave the area but they also have to be careful with their exit or they may be intercepted by the Jean Dharma Turkish police. Caught between a rock and hard place. This aptly outlines the situation of the European people of the world. Sit back and meekly await your impeding replacement or fight and be deemed a monster by some for doing so.

Lauren Southern may be many things…meek isn’t one of them.

Morocco, Metilla, Lesvos, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, we see the massive immigration problem on several fronts and from several angles. Not everything is black and white and Lauren is not afraid to wade through the gray, murky layers of reality.

In the end the conclusions drawn from the documentary are profound…and chilling.

This is journalism at its finest and most daring.

Unsurprising, but still disgusting, YouTube took down Lauren’s original posting of the documentary. Fortunately there are backups…which we are proud to share.

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