Blood Paradise Trailer (horror)


Directed by Patrick von Barkenberg and written by Andréa Winter and Barkenberg Blood Paradise stars Winter as a crime novelist who is sent to the Swedish countryside to regain her mojo only to find herself in a banquet of true crime and horror.

Toruk's Take

This is listed as a horror-comedy. I can only assume the comedy title is meant to be ironic  as this looks about as amusing as a colonoscopy. Egads, how does someone knowingly make something this banal and lifeless? The only reason I can imagine anyone watching this would be to catch some potential nudity from Andréa Winter, which seems like a helluva lot to ask someone to go through for some T&A.
As a wise man once said…there are less painful ways to die.

This movie has already been released, why they are putting a trailer out for it I couldn’t say. You could probably find it in the dark corner of some streaming service. But would you really want to?