Black Sands Entertainment Teases New Comic “Cosmic Girls” Coming Mid-May!


    Black Sands Entertainment is a relatively new comic publishing company ran by Manual Godoy and his wife Geiszel Godoy, who funded their company through Kickstarter in 2016. They are best known for their series Kids 2 Kings and Mori’s Family Adventures, but they’ve recently been cooking up a secret project called “Cosmic Girls” which they deem is “not another “I love my hair” book”.

    Godoy had this to say in a email news letter:

    “Cosmic Girls is a passion project we developed because we felt girls were under-served in our community and treated like drug addicts. We shouldn’t release nothing but “I love my hair books.” We need to give them some heroes as well.”

    Godoy is very direct on the companies goals and target audience for the new series and from the slight glimpse of what we’ve seen the series looks pretty good. Not too much is known about the series thus far but we do know it involves space travel and has a fun, light-hearted and relatable vibe to it as seen in the news letter.

    So if you’re interested in comics and want something fun to read, love stories with space travel, or looking for some new characters to identify with check out Cosmic Girls coming out sometime in mid May. We’ll keep you posted.

    Source: BlackSandsEntertainment 

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