Black Mirror’s Striking Vipers Is More Subversive Trash From Netflix

    Striking Vipers is the first episode in the new season of Black Mirror. It was written by Black Mirror creator and co-showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Owen Harris.

    The story follows a guy named Danny, played by Anthony Mackie (of Captain America fame). We see him first dating and then married with a child to a woman named Theo played by actress Nicole Beharie. We are also introduced to Karl, a long time friend of Danny’s played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman).

    After some time has passed since their introduction (about ten years) these two ‘buds’ who enjoyed playing fighting video games together (though I found myself wondering what the Danny character got out of it since he never seemed to win) meet back up for Danny’s birthday party. Karl gives him a present, a virtual reality version of one of the games they liked to play ‘Striking Vipers’.

    Later that night the two wind up playing the game where we see that technology has advanced to the point where the players are given virtual bodies and can even experience physical sensation through the game. Karl plays as the female fighter Roxette (portrayed by Pom Klementieff) and Danny plays as the male fighter Lance (played by Ludi Lin). The two begin to fight and like every other fight before Karl cleans Danny’s clock in all their virtual reality glory. This time however, Karl (as Roxette) climbs on top of Danny and they begin to kiss.

    Which is pretty much when I turned it off.

    I sighed in disgust and read the rest of the plot on Wikipedia. Long story short, Danny works out an ‘arrangement’ with his wife Theo where he has virtual sex with his ‘friend’ Karl and she can hook up with strangers at bars. Essentially, an open marriage.

    Danny, Karl and Theo

    Another subversive narrative introduced in an attempt to undermine the family unit and weaken the moral fabric of those who are easily susceptible. Charlie Brooker is married but it seems to me he probably shouldn’t be married to anyone.

    “I’m not getting any younger, so give it a few years and I’ll be content with a bag of gravel in a hat. Although just to keep things spicy, it’d be an open relationship: I’d let other men have sex with my gravel-bag wife, provided I could point and laugh as they did so.” — Charlie brooker

    Striking Vipers is the type of story someone comes up with who has a general disdain for societal norms, strong family values and masculinity. Someone who more than likely believes in open borders and that children are fair game on the sexual market. I imagine Charlie and his horde of deviants chuckling to themselves as they envision ‘fooling’ straight males into enjoying what is essentially a homosexual act.

    One would be hard-pressed to stumble across a Netflix produced project that doesn’t contain deviant or subversive content in one form or another. It makes sense that someone with Charlie Brooker’s ‘sensibilities’ would be an ideal contributor to this grab bag of digital propaganda.

    To the regressive left…

    I get it, it’s a drag to be born ‘in the wrong body’ or attracted to something that isn’t evolutionarily viable…like a goat. Nor is it fun to grow up with a black hole where your soul should be and subsequently have general disdain for the world you were brought into. Which sums up most adherents to socialist and feminist ideals.

    No one wants to feel different or be the odd man/woman/person out. We are all dealt a deck of cards in this life and sometimes we aren’t thrilled with the hand we receive. Sometimes life sucks. But being born a certain way doesn’t give us license to take that out on everyone else. Someone born with one leg doesn’t get to take everyone else’s leg to ‘even things up’ or ‘level the playing field’. That’s not how the rodeo goes.

    This quest you’re on…this indoctrination campaign you are engaged in is extraordinarily foolhardy.

    #METOO did not go the way the feminists thought it would. Men are less sympathetic to women regarding sexual harassment than before it started. It has negatively affected woman’s opportunities for advancement. Some men have even begun a counter offensive. Nationalism and Conservative values are on the rise all over the world. People have had enough of this globalist idea that one size fits all. That all cultures are compatible. That gender and sexuality are whatever feel they should be that particular day. That the classic family structure is an outdated notion.

    Pride in one’s nation, the adherence to facts and logic and strong family values are making a comeback.

    You took your best shot. You failed.

    Time to pack up your bags and go home.

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