Black Mirror – Arkangel | Official Trailer [HD]

    A new season of Black Mirror is upon us.

    In the past I’ve found the series generally okay. But that was before I ceased being on the side of the left (or more accurately, the left went insane). Now, my abhorrence of the left’s current ideology is so palpable that it has completely changed the way I view media. Like a man scanning food and water for radioactivity in a post-apocalyptic world I now scan the media I consume for leftist (i.e., dangerous) propaganda. It is unfortunate, but this is the world we live in now.

    This tease is for an episode called Arkangel directed by Jodie Foster (whose previous work I’ve always liked).

    Jodie Foster, among other celebrities, spoke out against Trumps so-called ‘Muslim Ban’ at the United Voices rally in February. Not a good indicator of whether this latest creative venture from her will be devoid of a wacko progressive agenda. So many have fallen to Trump Derangement Syndrome it beggars belief.

    But at the same time can she truly have changed so much from this Foster (video below), the nuanced, sane liberal whom I grew to love over the decades? The one who had the intellectual capacity to see both sides of an argument?

    We shall see.

    The episode she is directing looks to take on the topic of parenting. Given the nature of the show, likely a dark look. There is not much to disect here save that I disagree with the tagline. Foster claims the episode is very much about a mother/daughter relationship so there is hope that the story will remain on a note that all humans can get behind…and enjoy.

    The fourth season of Black Mirror drop sometime in 2018.


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