The BBC Pisses Fans Off Again With Sloppy Adaptation: The Woman in White

    It seems like only yesterday that the BBC network was getting hammered for their horrendous SJW pile of slop Troy: Fall of a City. Sitting with a whopping IMDB rating of 3.6 the series was evicerated by fans with even only a modicum of discerning taste. Boring,  disrespectful, ridiculous, atrocious and terrible were but a few of the adjectives lobbed at the network for its handling of Homer’s beloved Iliad. Fast forward to the present day and it’s almost as if they learned nothing at all.

    The Daily Beast reports that the BBC has struck an errant cord yet again with its audience, this time with its ‘adaptation’ of the Wilkie Collins’ gothic novel: The Woman in White. The story tells the tale of a painting teacher named Walter Hartright, who meets a woman in white in mysterious nighttime encounters. This woman, Hartright can’t help noticing, bears a striking resemblance to his latest painting student. This is a period drama. Those who are into such works tend to also be cognizant of the ways of such time periods, the customs, the attire. It’s kind of their thing. So it comes as no surprise that when the BBC decides to play fast and loose with these elements the fans of the material went ape.

    Let’s here what they had to say:

    “The female costumes are confusing. Looks like someone raided Oxfam and street market to dress the two female leads and their hairstyles are contemporary. No research into costume history. Pity to allow such incompetence in an actual costume drama.”

    “Collins wrote a brilliant novel. BBC ruined it with inaccuracies.”

    “Why is Laura always in a nightie and why does no-one mention it?”

    Admittedly the subject matter of 19th century wardrobes is outside my area of expertise…and interest. But I do like the idea that the BBC, which has a grotesque leftist bent, is ticking off pretty much everyone these days. So, let em have it ladies!


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