Batwoman – Times Are Changing Teaser


The CW’s Batwoman trailer bombed like Hiroshima with viewers earning more down-votes than Ghostbusters 2016…which is saying something. But if you thought that this message would have gotten through to the creators that shoving the toxic SJW agenda into our entertainment was beginning to make people gag would get them to stop…you’d be dead wrong.

The CW has released a teaser for the show, this one heralding their views on homelessness and panhandling.

We may have discovered why California’s homeless population is more than any other state in the country. When you have idiots like Ruby Rose thinking that tossing someone some cash is actually helping them you begin to see the correlation. In L.A. they spent $619 million supposedly addressing the homeless crisis. Spoiler alert, it didn’t do diddly. The homelessness is generated from a poorly governed state run by clueless liberals.

You know, people like Ruby Rose and those behind this TV show.

People who live in mansions while those they virtue signal for eat trash out of skid row. People who want open borders and mass immigration…just not in their back yard.

This clip could not better illustrate the true, fraudulent veneer of the SJW. The homeless woman is a prop, a tool used to signal that she’s better than the ‘evil man’ (who actually gave sound advice). It’s not about actually making a difference…it’s about looking like you’re making a difference. It’s a vile pantomime of benevolence that doesn’t make it past their cold, dead eyes.

These people truly are the scum of the earth.

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