Earlier this week, AMC – the largest movie theatre chain in the US – announced the adoption of a “50-50” policy. The initial plan was to cap ticket sales at 50 people or 50 percent of official capacity, whichever is less. However, with the CDC recommending limiting public gatherings to just 10 people, theatres were left with no options but to close down for the time being. Variety reports AMC will close its cinemas for the next six to twelve weeks.

Look, we’re aware how all these coronavirus-related news is bumming you out. However, there is some good news too. Streaming services are trying to fill up the need for entertainment by offering discounts. For example, Shudder is a streaming service specializing in horror films both old and new. It is currently offering 30-day free trials for new subscribers. Interested viewers can try Shudder for free with the promo code SHUTIN. Acorn TV is also offering an extended 30-day free trial with the promo code FREE30. This streaming platform hosts Australian, British and Canadian TV shows for American audiences. Sundance Now is offering 30-day trials to new users with the code SUNDANCENOW30. Streaming platform DOX has cut its annual subscription price in half for new users (from $30 to $15) until the end of March.